Expand Your Travel Business

Losing Customers?

Don't lose customers to do-it-yourself online booking, offer them access to behind the curtain wholesale travel that they can book themselves.
Typically your customers are not looking to pay the highest prices just so you can get a big commission, they want the lowest  prices. With Ibuumerang you only get paid when they save money.



Swamped with destination weddings, and family reunions? Don't turn them away, refer them to Xtream travel and earn 25% commission!
Are you a small business owner looking for a way to make extra money from your current list of clients without extra work? Check out Ibuumerang!

What Are the Benefits?

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Some of the perk your customers will enjoy include:

⦁    110% price match guarantee (airfare is not guaranteed)
⦁     They can use bitcoin 
⦁    Reward Points that can be used toward future travel, or other purchases
⦁    Booking hotels, flights, car rental, and cruises, through our site and saving up to 50% more.
⦁    Restaurant savings


When your customers save money they're happy, when you make money you're happy. Its a win-win situation!

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Vibe Ride

Vibe Ride ride-share is the newest addition to the Ibuumerang suite of customer services. (Not yet available in some areas)
Every time one of your customers takes a ride you get paid!
Your customers will get incentives for refering other customers; recruiting customers for you, but customers don't get commission, so the commission from those new customers will come to you! 


Restaurant Savings

As a member of igo4less, Ibuumerang's travel booking platform, your customers will have access to great restaurant savings like a $100 restaurant gift card for $11

By following the customer acquisition model of Ibuumerang and using this as an add-on to your existing business,
you can have all of your bases covered and provide a wider range of options for your customers.
(As a distributor for Ibuumerang You can also benefit from the travel savings, restaurant savings and reward points program.)
Ibuumerang does not guarantee that you will make money. See the full disclaimer here