About Ibuumerang

Ibuumerang CEO, Holton Buggs explains the difference between a travel agent's commission and an Ibuumerang distributor's commission
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Ibuumerang is a company that encourages it's distributors to get out of debt, and to give to the less fortunate. 




The P.R.I.B.

PRIB stands for perpetual residual income builder. That's what Ibuumerang is. It helps you to build a business that is sustainable. Once you gain a customer, they are yours for life. They will continue to come back to your website to save money every time they travel, earning you residual income for years. 

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Buum Mobile

Ibuumerang is continually introducing ways for its distributors to earn money. Buum mobile is cell phone service from Ibuumerang. (Coming soon)

Ibuumerang is a network marketing company (direct sales, MLM), but you are not required to recruit. Ibuumerang emphasizes customer acquisition, and customer satisfaction as two of the most important aspects of the company. 
Ibuumerang is a great company and you're going to love being a part of it!

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